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A Little History

I was raised on this farm where the greenhouses are now located, but it was the training I received in New York from 1969 to 1976 at Watchtower Farms that helped me to pursue starting my own business with plants. In 1978 we began raising and selling to Ace Hardware and Helmicks Market in Bridgeport. Soon we had requests for more than just vegetables. So I started growing some flowers. In 1980 we added a 30x40 greenhouse and worked out of an old chicken house to transplant flowers and use as an office. Two years later we added a small 22x22 office and a 22x 60 greenhouse where the old chicken house was. By this time people were bringing more of their friends and families to us.

As the 80's went on we began carrying perennials, fruit trees, shrubs, roses, grasses, potting soil, etc., and also a large amount of mulches, both in bag and in bulk. We now seed more than 600 annuals, herbs, and perennials. Many other items are started from cuttings that are shipped in January, February and March.
We currently have over 29,000 square feet of greenhouse space and other cold frames that are used. We begin selling in March, mostly soils and trees, then in April and May selling flowers and vegetables. We finish the season with over 5000 large mums in September and October. During the entire season we sell and /or deliver mulch, top soil, manure, etc. around the area.

So, for your gardening pleasure, come visit us at Freed's Greenhouse at the corner of I-79, exit 125, Rt. 73- just 5 miles from Bridgeport WV.  Or call us at 304-592-0897.

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